4 Common Medicare Advantage Plans You Can Choose From


HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations)

 This is a top-rated Medicare Advantage plan, with its costs typically less than other kinds. A downside is that you must use only doctors in their network to choose your primary care physician. The majority of these plans will cover the costs of prescription drugs.

HMO-POS (HMO Point of Service)

 These plans have a provider network, and seeing an out-of-network doctor means paying more. Prescription medications are typically covered.

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations)

 You may save money when you use the approved network doctors. You can look for medical care beyond the plan network, but the costs to do so – copayments and coinsurance will be higher. You don’t typically have to pick a primary care physician, and most cover prescription medication costs.

PFFS (Provider Fee-for-Service)


 These plans choose how much to pay providers and members for Medicare services. You could see doctors that agree to Medicare assignment and agrees to the PFFS plan terms. PFFS plans may or may not pay for prescription medication.

Medicare Advantage has other plan types, with some dictating that you use a doctor in their provider network.