5 ACA Changes Made To Health Insurance Industry To Improve Student Access

Many college students choose to stay on their parent’s health insurance plan, but for those who opt to get their own, it can be a bit tricky to do. The U.S. health insurance system is quite complex, but with a bit of knowledge of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the typical insurance terms, you can find a plan that’s best for you and your budget.

Recent graduates and college students don’t have many options for health coverage, and many schools do offer a health plan to their students. While a child can stay on their parent’s plan until the age of 26, these plans can help them get out from underneath their parents and strike out on their own.

The option is to enroll in a plan offered through their jobs or looking at the Health Insurance Marketplace. The Marketplace plans are state-offered and federally if a state doesn’t participate. Go to HealthCare.gov to find the plan that is right for you and your situation.