5 ACA Changes Made To Health Insurance Industry To Improve Student Access


Changes Made By ACA

The ACA has undergone numerous changes since its implementation, including eliminating the individual mandate (or fines for those who did not have health care coverage.

These changes are led to higher premiums and shorter enrollment periods. Though the ACA is open to students and new college graduates, you must be aware of the changes happening at HealthCare.gov.

How To Find and Buy The Right Student Medical Coverage

School-Available Coverage

Colleges provide medical coverage options to students that the school or an insurance company funds. Colleges add the health insurance charge to the student’s bill, which the child can pay with their loans.


Eligibility for this coverage depends on how many credits a student is taking. To attain the coverage, the student must reach out to the student health center.

Parent Health Coverage

Parents can leave their children on their health insurance until the age of 26, even when they graduate. Eligibility still remains even if they have moved out, gotten married or have their own child. Students on their parent’s health insurance plan can remain on that plan until they are 26, without doing anything else.

A child not yet added to their parent’s plan can be added during the enrollment period.