5 Things To Know About The Workings Of A Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Plan


What Constitutes A Small Business To Attain Group Health Insurance Plans?

A small employer can have as little as two employees and as many as 50 employees. The owner alone and more than 50 employees make one ineligible for a small business group health insurance plan. Though small businesses do not have to provide health insurance to their employees, most do as an incentive to lure workers in.

 How Does A Group Health Plan Shared Cost Work?


Everybody in the group shares the cost of the plan, including the employer and the employees. These plans often cost less due to the number of people enrolled. With this kind of plan,

  • Employees pay for a minimum amount of their premium
  • Employers pay some of the premiums for their employees

Small business employers can stipulate that the employees pay the entire cost of the insurance, but if they pay for some of it, it’s better to attain and retain workers. It’s a matter of showing employees that you care about them when you pay for some of the cost.