7 Easy Tips to Improve Your Posture

There are several ways to improve your posture and give you a healthier way of life. Posture is the way a person holds the body up when standing or sitting. Your posture determines if you will develop medical issues like scoliosis, Lordosis or other back concerns.

A good posture keeps your back muscles strong allowing for easier movement in any direction, the ability to bend and pick up packages and the ability to walk or sit up straight.

Habitual bad posture such as slumping or slouching the shoulders, sleeping on your b back, or hunching forward puts long term pressure on your lower back and shoulders that can lead to chronic back and neck pain. Bad posture adapts your body to a position that is not normal and leads to unnecessary strain. It must be corrected immediately to decrease weakening of spinal chord and back muscles.. Read on in this article to discover 7 tips to improve your posture.