8 Common Myths People Have About Ancillary Health Insurance Plans 


Costs Too Much

The common perception is that ancillary health insurance costs way too much. However, many of these plans offer affordable coverage. For a single person who needs dental, some policies cost as little as $10. Supplemental health insurance can be very affordable. The key is to look at different policies and find ones that work for you.

Limited Coverage 

Look at ancillary plans as being preventative care plans. For instance, the majority of dental plans take care of most oral exams, fillings, x-rays and cleanings. You can get a yearly exam with vision insurance that may also take the burden of buying frames, lenses, or any procedures.


No Major Medical Coverage 

Believe it or not, ancillary plans pay up to a certain amount for surgeries and major procedures. If you need a crown, root canal or other major dental or vision or work, you may not have to pay for the entire procedure. Of course, all plans are different, so you need to find the one that’s right for your financial situation.