8 Common Myths People Have About Ancillary Health Insurance Plans 


Ruins You Financially 

When you take advantage of these covered services, you spot problems much more quickly. By early detection, you can spot possible problems and save yourself money since there are no expensive procedures to go through. According to various studies, for every $1 toward a preventive service, you save a minimum of $50 on an expensive procedure.

Medical Insurance Is More Important

The reality is that both vision and dental insurance are as important as your medical insurance. Your oral health can have devastating consequences on your overall health. For example, poor oral health can lead to pneumonia and cardiovascular disease. Think of it this way – the gateway into your body involves your mouth and eyes. As such, it’s crucial you take care of them as you would your whole body.


Only Specified Expenses Are Covered

One of things about a supplemental insurance policy is that many expenses are covered and you can get cash for those services. With a supplemental insurance policy, you choose how to use the cash you get such as your rent/mortgage, groceries, student loan, childcare, etc. Most people are ill-prepared if they have to pay for out-of-pocket expenses that major medical insurance will not cover.