A Look At States With More People Enrolled In Group Health Plans


What States Have The Most People Enrolled In A Group Health Insurance Coverage

The following states rank in the top five for the most people who have a group health insurance offered by their employer:

  • California – 47%
  • Texas – 48%
  • New York – 49%
  • Florida – 40%
  • Illinois – 53%

Some of the most economically healthy and biggest states have nearly half or more than half of their residents getting group health insurance.


What States Have More People (Percentage-Wise) On A Group Health Insurance Plan, The following states have a higher percentage of people using a group health insurance plan.

  • Utah – 60%
  • North Dakota – 58%
  • Wisconsin, New Hampshire and Minnesota – 57%
  • Nebraska, New Jersey and Maryland – 56%
  • Kansas, Massachusetts and Iowa – 55%

This means more than half of the states’ residents are on some kind of group health insurance.