How Medicare Part C Helps Cover More Of Your Medical Advantage Plan Costs

Medicare Advantage Plans offer Medicare Part C, which is an alternative to the Part A and Part B Plans. These plans are offered through private health insurance companies Medicare has approved of. These plans include PPOs and HMOs and have the same benefits seen with the original Medicare plans. However, they also offer more coverage that isn’t seen with their original plans, including health wellness programs, dental or vision benefits and/or prescription drugs.

A vital benefit of these plans is the prescription drug benefit with the Medicare Part D plan that’s already available. No need to buy another stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Called the Medicare Advantage Prescription Drugs, a single plan can include Parts A-D. Therefore, if you want the benefit of having your prescription drugs covered, you can apply for them with a Medicare Advantage plan. The costs and coverage amounts will vary based on where you live and your insurance company.