How Medicare Part C Helps Cover More Of Your Medical Advantage Plan Costs


What Are The Offered Medicare Advantage Plans?

The coverages of Medicare Part C will depend on the company that provides your insurance, which is why you should comparison shop for those offered in your area. These may include:

HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization) 

HMOs include a network of doctors and hospitals members are required to use for procedures to be covered. There are strict rules, which include prior approval to see a doctor or attain a prescription. You will pay full price for any provider not included on the HMO list, and a doctor referral is necessary to visit a specialist.

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization) 

These plans provide a network of doctors and hospitals that beneficiaries can choose from. PPO plans allow you to choose from doctors who are not in the network, but you may have out-of-pocket expenses. You don’t typically need a doctor’s referral to see a specialist.

PFFSs (Private Fee-for-Service)

With this plan, you can see any doctor or hospital Medicare has approved, but only if the doctor agrees to the payment terms and conditions. Each time you get treatment, you must find a provider that has a contract with the plan.


SNPs (Special Needs Plans) 

These plans are limited to people who have chronic conditions, have been institutionalized or qualify for both Medicaid and Medicare. The plan is customized to the needs of the person applying, including provider choices, benefits and prescription medication.