How Medigap Insurance Works and When The Right Time Is To Sign Up


Eligibility … Do You Qualify?

Most individuals qualify for Medigap coverage if they have Medicare A and B. However, if you’re younger than 65, some states don’t provide Medigap coverage but will if they meet certain criteria or have specific disabilities, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or end-stage renal disease.

Eligibility is dependent upon your state of residence. Therefore, reach out to your state’s insurance department to find out the eligibility rules for Medigap.

When’s The Right Time For Signing Up For Medigap?

Again, timing is crucial, and when you enroll can affect the options you have and the subsequent costs. It’s better to enroll when the Enrollment Period is open, usually six months from when you first turn 65 and have Medicare B.


During this time, enrollment in any offered Medigap provides guaranteed issuance. Simply put, insurance companies are not permitted to deny coverage or charge you more for any reason, including preexisting conditions.

It’s imperative to sign up during this time if you have a disability or health issue to ensure guaranteed coverage.