Relationship therapists: 13 Psychological Ways to Command Respect

Commanding respect is when you show others why you must be respected. This is different from demanding respect where you tell others that you must be respected. People who command respect are people you want to be around.

Being able to command respect results in good things like being able to have a harmonious relationship with the people you work with or you are in a relationship with. Respect is important because it makes you feel safe and makes you trust people. A respectful environment enables you to talk to each other without shouting. It enables you to have a healthy environment, whether at school, church, or home.

Respect could be shown when you are given free rein on your personal choices and you are confident about it. Remember to respect yourself first. Commanding respect starts with yourself. No matter how you value and respect yourself, there would always be people who would not do the same. Here are 13 ways you can do to command respect.