Relationship therapists: 13 Psychological Ways to Command Respect


Be proactive

Know what is coming up. Whether it is at home or school. It is important to know that there would always be tasks and projects that could impact the lives of others. Upcoming events that would suddenly happen means that others have to cancel their appointments to accommodate you.

This could have a huge impact on how others would see you. Nobody wants to cancel an appointment because of the sudden change of deadline. Things could happen, but that does not mean that it should be happening especially if it is human error.

Always reach out to people a few days ahead to inform them if there is any change in schedule or deadlines. Through this, they would be able to plan as well.


Do not ask people to cancel important events in their lives, like weddings, honeymoons, attending to sick family members just to meet your deadline. A little consideration with other people can sometimes do wonders not only in a workplace but also in a community.