What The Medigap Coverage Is By Plan Type


Now, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Massachusetts offer their own Medicare Supplement Insurance plan that is not the same as other states. Plus, not every state offers all plan types. Federal law stipulates that an insurance company must offer the Medigap Plan A, and if it wants to sell Medigap insurance, it must include Plan C or Plan F.

A Look At Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Here’s a look at what plans cover for the 2021 Medigap Insurance Plans

Medicare Part A Co-Insurance Hospital 

Up to 365 after benefits have already been exhausted.

Medicare Plan B, First Three Pints Part A Hospice Care

– All plans but K and L cover the basic copayment and coinsurance. K covers 50% while L covers 75%.

Skilled Nursing Home Facility

Parts A and B do not cover the costs of skilled nursing home facility coinsurance and plan K covers just 50% while Plan L covers 75%.

Medicare Part A Deductible

Plan A offers no deductible coverage. Plans K and M cover 50%, while Plan L covers 75%.

Medicare Part B Deductible  

Only covered by Plans B and D. Bear in mind that Medigap Insurance F and C plans may no longer be available after Jan. 1, 2020. For those who already have, they won’t have to worry about losing it.  Once the out-of-pocket costs are reached, the plan will cover the entire bill of a Medicare-covered service.


With Plan N, Medicare Part B coinsurance is completely taken care of, minus the copays of $20 office visits and $50 for an emergency room visit. (so long as it doesn’t involve being admitted into the hospital).